Maine Broccoli Season in Full Swing

With over 3,000 acres planted, our Maine broccoli crop is on schedule to ship mid-July and the volume is strong. It’s time to get your orders in.

Maine Broccoli Shipping Mid-July

  • Growing Maine Broccoli for over 40 years
  • Our largest crop of the season with over 3,000 acres
  • Shipping crowns and bunches (14ct and 18ct)
  • Shipping in recyclable, water resistant, durable packing box
  • All produce pre-cooled with Slush Ice Injection System

BONUS: Next day delivery on all orders to most major markets.

Our East Coast Farms

With acreage in FL, NY, NC, SC, GA, and ME, we are now the largest grower of broccoli on the East Coast.

Key Benefits:

  • Growing broccoli closer to customer locations
  • Delivering fresher product, faster
  • Saving on freight costs
  • Reducing travel time =reducing carbon emissions

Chuck Dechene

Harris Trock